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Clarification on the last patch

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  • Clarification on the last patch

    We are currently actively fixing the throwing knife bug. The bug is a known Unreal Engine bug that they never bother fixing it.

    If you are curious, you can read this thread.

    However, we are trying to find a workaround to support it. We will be able to give you another update next week.
    ================================================== =

    There were couple of changes that generated quite a bit of turmoils in the last patch.

    1. Removing SnD, and TSV from General MM:
    General MM is has quite a few modes to select from and it takes long time to find matches. SnD and TSV by nature is competitive. Individual Ranking already support SnD, and TSV and we thought it will be better to redirect players to Individual Ladder who want to play SnD and TSV.

    And of course, they are always available from Custom Matches.

    This is not the final decision and if there are reasonable requests, we can change it again.

    2. Disabling Throwing Knife. We changed internally how collisions are handled to optimize collisions. We found that there is bug related throwing knife and we temporarily disabled it until we find solutions. We will try to bring it back but for some reason, if we decide to keep this way, we will refund the money. Besides the bug, it creates some balancing issues and we are currently discussing at the same time.