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  • [OPERATION:High Rise] Winners Announcement

    Winner Announcement

    Today, We are proudly announcing the winners of Operation:HIGH RISE. Congratulations to all winners!

    For the results, Check this link: https://goo.gl/EL2o7x

    - We apologize for the delay in selecting winners due to unforeseen circumstances. And also We are in the process of selecting the winners for the event "Return of the Soldiers", so we will announce it as soon as the work is completed.

    Instructions for winners
    To claim your gift, please send us(http://m.me/LineOfSightGlobal):
    - A photocopy of your ID card
    - In-game screenshot that shows your current playtime score.
    1. You should make a photocopy of your ID card that sensitive information has been masked. However the copy of ID should show us "your name and nationality". Please hide or blur any other information except "Your name and nationality". Here's an example.
    2. And, take a screenshot like this, (for identifying the ownership of your account)
    3. Send those to us using Facebook Message!
      PLEASE NOTE that the deadline is 15:00 February 21, 2019, PST

    • The information you submit to us will only be used for identity verification and audit purposes and will be destroyed as soon as it is used.
    • Only the persons who send us the information within the deadline will be given the prize. (Deadline is 15:00 February 21, 2019, PST)
    • Confirmed cheaters have been excluded from the winner's list, and the prizes devolved to the next highest ranked players.
    • The award will be sent out as soon as the winners' information is confirmed.

      Thank you!