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Randomness still present.

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  • Randomness still present.

    Hello everyone,

    I know that this place is pretty much dead, but is anyone else having issues of completely random damage calculators? It's seemed to have gotten worse over the past couple of weeks as well, even after the "we'll fix it" patch on July 12th. I can use my maxed out for damage cheytac and not get a kill from 40m, but the same shot will kill a fresh target at 80m (non-headshots of course). I've gotten into fights where me and another sniper are dueling, I'll hit him square in the chest from 20-50m and then he'll hit me.. but I'm the one who dies? The damage is taken because you can see the health and sometimes the assist. The BIGGEST issue I've had is with the throwing knife. I enjoy running games using just the knife, but it's pretty much useless now. I've had multiple games where I'd get the throw and have it sticking out of them, stab them twice with indicators and sounds, for them to turn around and gun me down. How is that okay? They've taken damage because I'll get the assist and I'll see that they're sitting on 1/3-1/4 health, but when did the knife not become a 90%-100% health kill? What's the point of even having it in the game anymore?

    Thank you!

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    I've noticed the same with knives, but it doesn't seem like a wrong damage calculation. It seems like knives were straight up nerfed. I hope I'm wrong.