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The Server will be back in 1min... HM WHAT?

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  • The Server will be back in 1min... HM WHAT?

    Hey PPL.
    Today i was Online and searching an Individual Match. Then the Msg. Shows up, u will restart the Servers. It will cost 1 min until the Server is back. Now there are many "1 min´s" over and the Game is still down.

    I try to restart all 2 mins. But nothing... rly?

    Why u say it takes 1 min, when u know it takes a longer Time? Then write the correct Offline time the next Time. -.-


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    No Answere from any GM / CM or some one else? There is no Community for this game, hm?


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      Dear, dj-ruckskin

      We're very sorry for our late answering.
      Our server has had some problem related in server crash. You can check this news from or our G&G forum >> Announcement.
      After we launch LoS with F2P officially on Steam 31st. Jan, too many players came to us (our server).
      When many users come to server at peak time, server is downed continuously. So, our Devs are still effort to fix this important issue perfectly.
      We're really sorry for this again and please check our news on there.

      Thank you.
      ~LoS Team


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