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  • Erro Login in game LOS

    Good evening, I'm having a problem in the LOS game, I try to log in with my G & G account more than the account does not exist, please help me because I have so much account that game DarkEden Origens, please help me!
    I tried to make a print uploud more unfortunately the screen comes out black and does not appear

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    Dear, dundum

    We're sorry for any inconvenience.

    Please try using the option "Forgot your Account-ID?", so you can check if your account really doesn't exist.
    ​​If you are encountering any error messages from the game, please send us a screenshot of these messages so we can further check your problem
    , send them to our fan page if you can't upload it here.

    Thank you.
    ~LoS Team


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      Good night, as I said before, I tried to take a screenshot more when I try to paint it, it leaves the screen all black and nothing appears, my account exists because I play DarkEden Origens, to enter eh the email I registered and My password correct?
      Because if I put a wrong password he gives the password does not match, I'll try once again to send the caption image by taking a photo on my cell phone.

      Thanks in advance,