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  • [Red Stone] ** Update, November 24th, 2016 **

    Dear our Prandelians!

    We hope you will enjoy Red Stone for a new year with our big updates!

    ** Update, November 24th, 2016 **

    1. Flowerpot of Activity Stellar Flower, Stellarberry
    1) Where to get Flowerpot of Activity
    NPC Lunabi : Brunenstig (71,120)
    NPC Solabi : Adventurer's Association in Brunenstig (72,29)

    - Flowerpot of Activity grows when you hunt.
    - When it grows 100%, you can reap 1 Stellarberry by paying NPC Lunabi / Solabi.
    - The amount of money you should pay to earn Stellarberry increases according to your character level.

    Character Level Chance of Stellarberry Pay
    1 - 200 Stellarberry : 63% 500,000 Gold or 2 Tantilis Relic Piece
    201 - 400 Fresh Stellarberry : 27% 1,000,000 Gold or 5 Tantilis Relic Piece
    401 - 999 Appetizing Stellarberry : 10% 3,000,000 Gold or 10 Tantilis Relic Piece

    - You can't use Stellarberry/ Fresh Stellarberry/ Appetizing Stellarberry with Solarberry or Lunaberry at the same time.
    - Each Steallarberry increases Exp you get from hunting monsters by 150 ~ 200% for 30 ~ 40 minutes.

    2) Information
    ① StellarFlower :
    Maximum Growth Rate Accumulation: 24 hours
    Number of Fruits: 1

    ② Stellarberry
    Name Information
    Stellarberry Exp you get from hunting monsters increases by 150% for 30 minutes.
    Fresh Stellarberry Exp you get from hunting monsters increases by 150% for 40 minutes.
    Appetizing Stellarberry Exp you get from hunting monsters increases by 200% for 40 minutes.

    2. Monster Soul Stone
    1) How to get Monster Soul Stone
    - You can randomly get it when you hunt monsters that are less than +/- 100 level than your character.

    2) Where to exchange Monster Soul Stone
    Soul Stone Collector in Brunenstig (64,123)
    Soul Stone Collector in Adventurer's Association in Brunenstig (56,29)

    - Soul Stone Collector exchange Monster Soul Stone with a certain amount of Gold.
    Monster Soul Stone Exchange
    Low Class Monster Soul Stone 10,000,000 Gold
    Middle Class Monster Soul Stone 300,000,000 Gold
    High Class Monster Soul Stone 50,000,000 Gold

    3. More Gold for Clearing Secret Dungeon
    - More Gold to all party members when the party clears Secret Dungeons below.
    Ruins of Old Kingdom
    Redeye Special Agent's Shelter
    Secret Fortress of Maz Lukas
    Secret Prison in Porin Watchtower
    Hidden Treasure Room in Rivermouth Dungeon
    Kadum Gigas Temple
    Salty Cave Escape
    Secret Warehouse of Dark Elf Palace
    Cursed Tower in Cursed Tomb
    Mystical Area in Spine Hall
    Hidden Cave in Rivermouth Dungeon 'Ra'
    Hidden Dungeon in Cursed Cave of Mizna
    Treasure Room of The Dead in Small Mercenary Tomb
    Demon King's Room
    Relic Depository in Exhibition of Past Glories
    Hesopar's Cave
    King Crab's Nest
    Hidden Laboratory in Moliner Tower
    Corrupted Tribe of Highlander Cave
    Rat King's Area in Big Mouse Dungeon
    Sealed Place Where Black Soul is Held
    Closed Space-Time Research Center
    Entrance oo Hidden Redeye Hall
    Vampire Kingdom

    4. Party Buff System
    1) Information
    Name Party Member Information
    3 1. Hunting Exp increases by 5%

    Power of Assembly 5 1. Hunting Exp increases by 5%
    6 2. All skill level +1

    8 1. Hunting Exp increases by 10%
    2. All skill level +2
    3. The drop rates of Unique items increases by 10%

    2) Party buff differs based on the number of party members in the same field.
    Ex> A party of 8 party members
    5 of them are in A field and the rest 3 are in B field
    Party members in A field : Hunting Exp increases by 5%, All skill level +1
    Party members in B field : Hunting Exp increases by 5%

    5. Etc
    1) More NPC that guide quests
    - NPC that guides quests are added in Adventurer's Association in Brunenstig.
    - They teleport you to the field where you can do the related quest.

    2) Add items for specific characters in Litrin
    - NPC of Maid, DemonSorceress, and BeastMan are added in Hildbrant.
    - Fighter NPC moves next to Spiritualist NPC.
    - Since BeastMan can wear items regardless sex, both earrings and cave are on sale.

    3) Unique item for Maid, DemonSorceress, and BeastMan
    - 5 Unique items for each Maid, DemonSorceress, and BeastMan.
    - 5 Unique items include 4 Unique weapons and 1 armor.

    4) PVP
    - The maximum attack number of Entrapment Piercing of Magic Archer, Entrapment Impale of Vanguard Cavalier increases from 9 to 12.
    - Damage of Sling Bottling of Princess changes from 50% to 75%.
    - New items : Apache Axe(DX), Apache Bow(DX)

    Thank you.