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Can't login in game

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  • Can't login in game

    Hi there,

    I can login to the website and forum with my account but when I try and do so in game it tells me my username or password are incorrect?

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    Dear holdenastra,

    Thank you for reporting this,

    Please make sure that your character is in Game&Game server, Steam account can only login Steam server. If your account is Game&game server and you still can't login game, please send a ticket to our Q&A section with your character name and account , with the last time you login game.

    Best regards,
    ~RED STONE team


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      eu tambem nao consigo nem entrar no jogo so parece uma tela preta e mais nada e minhas atualizaçoes estao todas em dia mas mesmo assim nem inicia o jopgo em sim
      pela conta do steam eu consigo acessa minha conta steam mas minha outra conta pelo nao consigo acessar peço que me retornem rapidamente quero jogar poxxa


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        Dear Ajaxheale,
        Thank you for contacting us,
        Unfortunately we can only help you in English, could you please send us a ticket in English so we can understand your issue thoroughly and help you to solve it?
        However, we can see that you had a login problem, please try to run the game as administrator. If you still have this issue please send us a screenshot of the issue and your IP, PC's configuration. We will do our best to help you.

        Best regards,
        ~RED STONE Team