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    Hello, im having trouble longing on to Redstone because of X-TRAP that not cooperation with me. i really would like some help because i spent a lot of money and time into this game. I am not the only one that having problems whit this. My other friends are currently having the same issue as i am. we currently have portal sphere running on your account. So will you please take the time to help us. We've tried numerous of ways to get it working again. I've tryed messing on fan page and Q&A but was left on redand have not been replyed after a day or so. Please help, we have payed so much for this game and our portal sphere is going to wast. We would really like some help logging back on ASAP. we have not been able to play for a couple of days now starting from 10-31-17 with the random kicking and now 11-1-17 to 11-3-17

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    Dear azn,

    We are very sorry about this inconvenience,
    Please check if your PC is running any third program or firewall that didn't allow Red Stone to run. If there is no other program running on your PC please send you your PC's configuration through our facebook fanpage or Q&A section for better communication.

    Best regards,
    ~RED STONE team