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  • [RYL Origin: ROW] Update News

    Hello Players!
    We have some Notice for you.


    - Each tower in both High and Low War will provide 80% boost of EXP. (Medal will not provide from the War)
    - Auto Level at Pirate Town Level 40- 74.

    Notice: Recommended to auto level while complete the quests (to get equip, fame, and metal)
    - Lvl 75 S Armor Set exchange ticket for 1,990 points through Item mall.
    - Gold ticket is now tradable.

    - Max Lv 85
    - High Statue War provide 10 times more Fame
    - Low Statue War provide 2 times more Fame
    - S Gears for the users over level 50. S gear can be purchased on Map 5 with a Medal

    -ROW Team-
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