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  • [Event] Town Clear Event 2

    Solve villagers's complaints then become their true freind~!

    A new town just added. The more your character grow, the more you can help villagers.

    ◆ Event Period

    After 21st November ~ (at all times)

    ◆ Event Recipent

    A user who reached certain level among more than 1 character in your team.

    ◆ Qualification for the reward

    ◆ How to participate in the event?

    1. Solve villagers compaints while paly the game.

    2. When a character reached a certain level, villagers would send you a mail with their appreaciating for your help.

    3. Get a reward via Received mail which villagers sent.


    - Character level is the condition of getting this reward so the character should be the highest one in your team.

    - If we found someone had a reward with illegal way, the reward can be canceled.