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Don't waste your time on this game.

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  • Don't waste your time on this game.

    Game feels like something from 2005. It's just an instance grinder. Multiple things not even implemented yet and they've had years to have them ready for release. Items are far too difficult to upgrade. If you're hard out for a game type like this then Kritika is far better than this garbage. You're also forced to party with people to get any decent items. That obviously won't be viable with how many people will be playing this solo.
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    Not to mention you can't even PICK UP ITEMS! See my post in the bugs forum. Less than an hour, and I'm outta here. Don't waste your time with this game.


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      Hey Hey don't come here complaining on the forum report it in the bug section to let the developer know plus this game has been out for a long time. (Stop Crying)