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This content Copy from the page for sharing my opinion,you can agree or disagree

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  • This content Copy from the page for sharing my opinion,you can agree or disagree

    Hi i am cherry

    i saw the game Kritika in youtube and i still think Tartaros better= =

    ya but i admit this game need to be fixed some part, like guild war should be able to play everyday,Better 22hours aday so22x7hours a week.
    Player only can do PvP GvG in Tartaros when game contents are finihsed.

    and they should not keep the phase,,let ppl play it first that can make ppl have more expectation.

    But that is all. this game setting is good, how it run depend on players.

    about how is a online game.
    If you can keep 100ppl play alot actively, then it will be 50more ppl coming soon.

    If you can keep only 50ppl in game, then tmr one player will quit the game.

    that is how online games work.

    So the point to keep Tartaros running well. is to keep players playing actively as many as possible.

    You can 3weeks release a village,that is pretty Fair, i agree with that is a way.

    But Dont hold back your Content you should release..... Dont try to do something on purpose to estimate players heart, like making them to wait more so it will make more good effect.

    you think that will make them have more expectation on next patch but actually disappointed more than all...

    if you release it first, then they will expect the Phase Virtue next patch...

    Dont make players disapointted

    that is all i want to say.

    if you want to keep release 3weeks a village. release as many new stuff as you can.

    PvP shop should be able to use. Man. What do you want us to do in game.

    Think as a player view plz...

    ((((Or you can anwser what else can we do in game as an active player?))))) you cant anwser it. Coz no guild war no pvp shop...

    Ppl have nothing to do.. come to play the game as a player plz

    But i must say. i love Tartaros it is the best game i ve ever met.

    it is all up to how company manage the game.

    If you want to dicuss how to make it better. as a Fair gamer, i will help you as much as i can.

    Coz i am helping in the game also

    Good luck Tartaros

    P.S when you make any Decision. Think of the bad and good.
    like We know Tartaros have many type of guild war, What is the bad if you release it?
    Stealing stone is fun. players will come for it. so release it as fast as possible . i mean it