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Wolfteam Classic : Playtime Event and Join Event !

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  • Wolfteam Classic : Playtime Event and Join Event !

    Greetings dear Wolves and Wolf Hunters!

    We prepared some event so you can get gears easily and with fun!

    Playtime Event
    Just play for a certain amount of time, and receive items!
    Date: August 8th ~ August 15th
    5min of playtime: Christopher Smith SE (5 days), Angela Mao SE (5 days), Reduce Respawn Time (5 days)
    15min of playtime: MK-6EG (3 days)
    25min of playtime: Zaitsev Desert (3 days)
    35min of playtime: Brutal Scratch (3 days)
    60min of playtime: UTX-15 Ultimate BLK (3 days) and Wolf Side Dash SL (3 days)

    Join Event
    Join and receive basic gear that will help you survive in the brutal world of Wolfteam Classic!
    Date: Until August 15th!
    - Modern Axe Pro (5 days)
    - Magnum G Pro (5 days)
    - EM468 TTC-D (5 days)
    - Angela - Reboot (7 days)
    - Pedro - Reboot (7 days)
    - Tattoo B (C_Dragon) (7 days)
    - Tattoo L (C_Dragon) (7 days)
    - Tattoo R (C_Dragon) (7 days)
    - Plus Combo (7 days)

    Grab that easy opportunity of getting awesome items!
    See you in the game,

    The Wolfteam Classic Support Team