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  • Wolfteam Clasico para latino America

    Greetings administrators of Wolfteam GP A player of wolfteam Latino speaks to them, I wanted to lose them to open servers for Latin players Since there is a large Latino community that I was looking forward to The Wolfteam Classic The reason for this post, is for there to be Latin American servers, since in our Latin American community we know that they would never open this Classic wolfteam On behalf of the great Latin American community.
    Thanks for reading this post.
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    Administrators please open the servers for Latin America, people want to play!
    Thank you.


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      Hoja la lo abran para latino América


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        Thank you for your interest in Wolfteam Classic!

        Unfortunately, there is already a publisher in Latin America for the game.
        If you want to play Wolfteam, you have to refer to your region's publisher.

        Otherwise, GnG has plenty of other games that Latin America can enjoy, we hope you can find one that suits your style

        Best Regards,

        The Wolfteam Classic team.