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  • Patch notes 2017.03.09


    Event Closing - Valentine's Day Event
    - 'Valentine Key' item sale was finished.
    - Removed drop items from Valentine's day event
    - Removed Chocolate, Candy item from DB

    New Event - Burning Arcade Event
    - Every Arcades' EXP, Zen amount increases to +100%
    * Except <Park Arcade>, <Hidden Arcade>
    - Free Arcade Tickets!
    * At 00:00 AM everyday, all players will get Normal Arcade Ticket(5), and Hard Arcade Ticket(1) via Shared account mail.
    * After the event period, all free tickets in mail box will be removed.
    - 50% Discount sale on Arcade Ticket

    Tower Mode time schedule changed.
    - Tower Mode will be opening every 30 minutes during Weekdays, weekends.

    [Cash Items]

    New Costume - Bear & Bunny Costume Set
    - 6 Parts (Hair, Face, Shirts, Pants, Gloves, Shoes) on Shop.
    - Decoration parts ( Back, Hat, Ring) were added on Lucky Egg.
    - 3 Sets: Zen +10%
    6 Sets: Zen +20%
    9 Sets: Zen +30%
    - Price: 1 Day - 10 Cash
    7 Days - 35 Cash
    Permanent - 530 Cash

    New Packages
    - Limited sale! Meet our 4 new package at 50%~80% discounted price during the event period!
    * Only 1 time purchasable per 1 character.
    * Each packages contains <Coupon for March>, which is able to exchange with valuable items.

    New Drills
    - Check our 3 new drills out that specialized for different rewards!

    Lucky Egg Rate change
    - The chance to obtain Costumes from every Lucky Eggs was increased drastically.

    [New Contents]

    Clone Costume system
    - You can now change your costume's look.
    - Clone Costume Conversion is available at Dr.K in Zone6
    - Please check this Guide about new system.

    Bug Fix
    Rare Gold Firer Full costume bug
    - Graphic glitch of Joony character was fixed.

    Chicken Mask bug
    - Graphic glitch of Lilru character was fixed.

    Hapkido skill <Storm Combo> bug
    - Bug of hitting with Storm Combo skill was fixed.

    Special Costume Box (Hair Up)
    - Costume's name changed from "Hair UP" to "Hair Hat".

    - Skill box will drop in high chance from defeating Arcade Bosses.
    - Price changed for some of costumes in shop. (Adventure, Rocker, Inventor, Pierrot, CowBoy&Girl, General, Hunter of every rarity)