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PVP with GMs!! (20th week)

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  • PVP with GMs!! (20th week)

    Greeting Fighters!!!

    Let's prepare for the matches with GMs!!!!
    • On every Tuesday and Friday, GM will create a PVP room in PVP channel Free 1. Around 10 AM ~ 12PM (GMT+9). we will inform you when the room is ready in game notice..
    • The room's password is secret and players have to guess. If there is not enough player can figure out password, GM will give a hint.
    • The match is team death match. Their is no rematch, only 1 match to decide win/lose.
    • There will be 5 matches. GM will exit the room after each match.
    • Rewards will be announced at Monday and will be delivered at next Monday via in-game shared account mail. Every rewards are non-tradeable.
    • One account only can receive reward 1 time. If you already participated in this event, please let others have chance to win GMs.

      The reward for this week is Double Iron Rod (1 hour) !!!!! (10 for winners and 5 for losers)
    Zone4 team