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NewCashItem,RevertPvp,ConvertSystemForMaterials, to polish this game.

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  • NewCashItem,RevertPvp,ConvertSystemForMaterials, to polish this game.

    1) Change the pvp system, ruining a perfect system will only disappoint the gamer. This game provided us with near perfect system, then took it away from us, a regular player will not bother to play a game that disappoints you as much as this game does.

    2)Nano system, i've done 10 thousand boxes of +0 skill nano. I've ended up with so many misery spirits to call myself miserable at this point. Misery spirits have no use, neither can you sell them or convert them. Please, make a convert system. A system based on converting certain number of material of lower grade to receive a material of higher grade. For example, 3-5 misery spirits for 1 old spirit. This will really balance the game, and no material will go to waste. Please, improve this game with this idea.

    3) We receive thousands of rare from golden eggs and hundreds of legendary boxes from mixing. What i find really irritating is that the gear's stats are very random. I am well aware, you guys will not make the gears have fixed stat. However, simply create a new item, called stat modifier. With this item, you will be able to change 1 stat about the rare or legendary gear. Every gear will have limit of being changed 4 times at max. First time, it'll cost you 1 modifier, second time 2, third time 3, fourth time will need 4. The price of a modifier can range from 300 cash to 500. This will make people motivated to spend more in this game. Please, consider this for the sake of this game.

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    I've been saying idea number 2 for a while now and they haven't done anything about it.
    Yeah all three ideas are great, especially the third one. Getting random stats from an egg that already has low enough random chance to acquire is just stupidly punishing for the cash user. It makes you think whats the point OF buying cash if I'm just gonna get garbage even when i get the rare item I want?

    I'm sure if they implemented the third feature, we'd see a lot more cash user and players wanting to buy eggs. Speaking of eggs they should really lower egg from 300 cash to 180-220 lol. That's saying you buy 1 egg for $5 and you're not even like to get 1 rare in 10 eggs which is $50.


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      Thank you for your suggestions.
      We wil discuss about them with the team.

      Zone4 team


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        The most important suggestion he made is Pvp Revert to old system. Gm's Take into consideration how the game has suffer from pvp ladder system change. Check the logs and active players and you'll see that it started slowly to decline just after that patch of new Pvp system ladder.
        Until now, pvp is still dead.
        Consider we want to play with our friends and get better together. It's frustrating being forced to play with people that are not in your level and cause you to lose. That's why its demotivating playing pvp as of today.. I'm not being a ranting brat about this. It's easy to prove that what i'm saying is true, you just need to go to pvp and you'll see 1 or 2 rooms. That new pvp sytem of ladder has hurt pvp so much and it's no longer fun. ty for those that read this.


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          Hallo please update back Warfare.update gang war/or club war.,or all player maybe quiting the game..

          check vill 1 only green now..-_-

          all player now wait new update Gang war/tower warfare tower all no like play.

          stop update shop only.