I. Main Features
1. The world’s first online fishing game

Ocean Fishing is the world’s first multiplayer online saltwater fishing game, where players can experience the struggle and excitement of catching and pulling in fish with sizes up to 8m.

2. Vivid images of the ocean
In Ocean Fishing, the ocean is depicted with graphics of the highest quality among online games. You can experience the calm tranquility of the sea and the rocking of the boat caused by gigantic waves. You can also ride into the sunset, with its orange and red hues growing over the horizon. The colors of the seas were fabulously depicted according to the geographical concept, and you can enjoy the thrill of being out in the ocean with fishes swimming below the boat and jumping over the surface.

3. Trolling game with the biggest variety of fish species in the world
Ocean Fishing offers the largest number of existing fish species. You can catch unique and various fish species inhabiting the seas around the world in Grand Mer. Each fish species was depicted using real photographs, and their power and motion reflect their actual characteristics. So you will be able to encounter the diverse fish species with habitats all over the world and broaden your knowledge about each species through an illustrated guide to fish species.

4. Relaxation Game Mode to appreciate the nature
Ocean Fishing offers a game mode besides the dynamic trolling mode. It is the Relaxation Mode, where you can enter a particular island on the solo game map and start fishing seated. You can enjoy the art of fishing as you relax and become one with nature while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Also, in this particular mode, freshwater fish instead of saltwater fish will emerge from the waters. You can select the background music and even enjoy reading poetry. You will feel as though you are in paradise.  

5. A tour system with challenges, adventure, teamwork and community
The Grand Mer Tour System is a unique game system designed to heighten the excitement and thrill of a fishing game. In other words, it will present the players, who are all pursuing different purposes and fun, with the thrill of a gaming experience at a whole new level with special challenge missions. Users can follow the trail of dolphins or take on missions in collaboration with their friends. Users will obtain differentiated rewards depending on the level of their cleared ranking even after completing the same mission.

6. A fantastic aquarium containing the sea
The Grand Mer Aquarium depicts the fantastic underwater environment realistically. You can place the fish you caught in the aquarium or view the illustrated guide to fish species. You can also check your records by each fish species and compare them to the records of largest fish caught in Grand Mer.

II. Maps
1.Trolling Maps
Atland Sea, Makaio Sea, Makaio Sea, Shogun Sea, Matryoshka Sea, Urfa Sea, East Sea, Nadia Sea, Toros Sea, Mantra Sea, The Arctic Sea, Asar Sea, Frontier Sea, Adonis Sea, Volkeno Sea, Liberty Sea, Amazon Sea, Salam Sea, The Open Sea, Whalesong Sea

2. Relaxation Fishing Map
Karis Isle, Dangun Isle, Andorra Isle, Genie Isle

III. Game Modes
1. Trolling Mode

The tension system of Grand Mer provides a dynamic fishing experience that will remind the user of thrashing fish that struggles to set itself free. The tension may move quickly with the movement of the fish, and a wide range of events will occur depending on the skills you need to use for the particular fish species. Also, if you successfully overcome the event, the fish will be stunned, and it will give you an advantage. 

2. Relaxation Mode
Unlike the dynamic trolling, this is a relaxed type of fishing, where you can enjoy tranquility and meditation, that has been enjoyed in Eastern countries for centuries. You can also read poetry and select the background music. You can also increase your experience level and obtain game money in the relaxation mode.

3. Tour Mode
The Grand Mer Tour system is a type of a quest system that consists of “Season > Tour > Mission.” So there are multiple tours available for each season, and each tour consists of several missions. The tours can be largely divided into 4 types. First, it is a learning mission, where you can easily learn about the operation and key features of the game. The second type is a trolling tour, where you need to complete the basic missions of catching the designated fish species. The third type is battle against the guide (system). You must win against the guide in order to clear the mission.

4. Aquarium Mode
Enter into this mode if you wish to view the fishes you have caught in the trolling mode. There are two types of aquariums: a free aquarium, where you can freely exhibit the fishes you want up to the limited number, and a collection aquarium, where you can place only the designated fish species. Also, through the open aquarium, you can visit the aquariums of other players and take a look at the fish they have caught.