1) Boss Raid
- Collaboration is required to terminate the field boss which appears at certain time
- Rare items are dropped from the field boss

2) Power Relation Battle

3) Upgrading System
Unlimited Upgrade
- Make your equipments stronger through Unlimited Upgrade
- There is no limit to upgrade
- High-low card game system

Combining System
- Combine useless items together to making them stronger!
- Feel the thrill! Options are going up and down randomly

4) Combat Pet
- Pet supports its master when combats
- Combat ability increases through strengthening!
- Shape changes when pet evolves up
- Super rare grade of pet can be acquired!

5) Transformation
- Special transformations for faster speed
- Evolved up transformations have more awesome skills
- When 11 super rare grade of transformations are collected, unique Card Book can be acquired

6) Dungeon Rush
- Time attack instance dungeon 
- Higher record with party members will prize you various rewards

7) Tower of Extreme & Tower of Challenge
- How great are you? Test your limit everyday!
- Get the Pieces of Extreme after you clear the towers and exchange them to the best equipment!

8) And…



Push Alerts

Push notification alerts system which combined with game contents


Move to anywhere in world map by touch the screen once

Field PK

Sudden battles between players in certain areas

Daily Mission

When players accomplish the missions, they receive rewards


Recycle the useless items into the bin to get reward items


Players get reputation point when they terminate monsters. Higher reputation gets discount then they buy items from NPCs

Secondary Job

Produce convenience items and trade each other


Materials for Secondary Job. As collect the objects, collection mastery and combat Lv. also increase


Main point of MMORPG! Guild members positions are given. Guild PvP are available in field


Adding extra abilities system Specialty for reaching Lv.45


A place which players bid on items and trade each other through listing items

Normal Upgrade

Adding extra options through upgrading weapons and accessories


8 Group options to chat. (Ex. Whisper, guild, party, and etc) There is no in-app item to speak out to the whole world channel


Players can share the quests to carry out together. Quest Market players can carry the same quests out repeatedly

Right Away System

Instance billing system to shorten the leveling time. (Producing Secondary Job items, collecting, and completing quests)


Rare items that cant be acquired from normal fields can be dropped. Collaboration of party members are required to clear the dungeons.

Passionate Space

Real time combat system of MMORPG has adopted into the Tower Defense Game system a new type of instance dungeon

Passionate Space (Tower Defense style instance dungeon)
ㅁ About.. 
   - It is not just terminating the boss monster like general MMORPG instance dungeons! There is a huge airborne tomb over the ataraxian continent called “Passionate Space”. You have to collaborate with your party members with strategic plans to defense the tower. This is new genre of instance dungeon – MMORPG with Tower Defense.
ㅁ Features 
   - It takes less time than other general dungeons – about 20 to 30 min.
   - Real time combat system of MMORPG is adopted into the Tower Defense game system
   - Up to 5 party members can enter once in a week
   - 4 difficulty levels are prepared
   - Provides strong equipments as reward (rare grade of the equipments are about Diabolic Maze) 

1) Information of party members :
Party members’ conditions including their numbers of attack combat tower and monsters they killed
2) Attack Combat Tower :
Tower that attacks monsters around automatically to supporting players
3) Trading Items :
Items that can be used while playing Passionate Space to attack monsters more effectively by trading with Medal of Passion
4) Camera :
See the whole screen of the map

<System Requirements>


minimum requirement

recommended requirement



Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7 


Intel Pentium celeron 500Mhz

Intel Pentium 2 800Mhz or above 



512MB or above 


640x480x16 bpp

640x480x16 bpp or above 



3GB or above