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LOVE BEAT, The Love Beat is rhythm action game. It is target to 10~20 young women

Rhythm Action (Rhythm)

Lovebeat! A fantastic dancing & dating game

Love Beat is a rhythm action game that features the latest K-pop songs and dance moves. It is distinctive for its 16 entertaining game modes and user-friendly chatting interface which allow users to form an interactive online community. It provides a variety of exciting features such as latest songs, seasonal trendy items, new game modes, etc. 

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[LoveBeat] LoveBeat Steam service is coming up close! There are speical gifts and events!

[LoveBeat] LoveBeat Steam service is coming up close! There are speical gifts and events!

2016-01-13 ~ 2016-02-10

Hello, LoveBeat dancers!
Starting Steam service and closing GnG service is coming up close, so we prepare gifts and events for you!

Opening LoveBeat Service is on January 13th, 2016 (Pacific Standard Time)
There are 5 open events with Cash, permanent items, etc!

* Steam Site:
* Events:

GnG member can play LoveBeat on Steam with existing game data by applying migration in-game.
Also, if you apply migration, we will give special gifts below.

* Gifts: 2 VIP rooms (7days), Smiley Balloon (30days), 1 discount coupon as remained cash amount.
* How to apply migration and link your account to Steam version:
* Some data cannot be kept.

Thank you for playing LoveBeat.
~ LoveBeat Team
[LoveBeat] LoveBeat Winter Event

[LoveBeat] LoveBeat Winter Event

2015-11-05 ~ 2016-01-12

[LoveBeat] LoveBeat Winter Event
We have prepared a winter event !
1. Golden Time event
1)Event Period: November 5th, Thursday, 2015 ~ January 12th, 2016
2) Event time : 20:00~ 22:00 (GMT+7, Jakarta)
3) Details: players will get bonus exp and beat on CouplePangPang, BeatPangPang mode.
When players play the game during the event period (8pm~10pm); Players will get additional bonus in each game. (Will be shown at the result screen)
4) Rewards: +500 EXP & +500 BEAT
2. Winter SALE: 50% OFF!
- All clothes, accessories will be on sale.
* From November 5th after the maintenance to January, 2016
Lovebeat team.