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LOVE BEAT, The Love Beat is rhythm action game. It is target to 10~20 young women

Rhythm Action (Rhythm)

Lovebeat! A fantastic dancing & dating game

Love Beat is a rhythm action game that features the latest K-pop songs and dance moves. It is distinctive for its 16 entertaining game modes and user-friendly chatting interface which allow users to form an interactive online community. It provides a variety of exciting features such as latest songs, seasonal trendy items, new game modes, etc. 

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[LoveBeat] LoveBeat June Event

[LoveBeat] LoveBeat June Event

2015-06-08 ~ 2015-06-22

We have prepared a small event !
1. Golden Time event
1)Event Period: June 8th, Monday ~ June 22nd, Monday
2)Event time : 14:00 ~ 16:00 (GMT+7)
3) Details: players will get bonus exp and beat after each game
When players play the game during the event period (2pm~4pm), they will get additional bonus in each game result. (Will be shown at the result screen)
4) Rewards: +500 EXP & +500 BEAT
Lovebeat team.
[LoveBeat] April Events

[LoveBeat] April Events

2015-04-13 ~ 2015-04-30

Great News, Lovebeat Players!!!
We have prepared 3 events.
1. Team Survival Dancing
1) Event Period: 2015/04/13 (Mon) to 2015/04/30 (Thu),
2) Event time: 3:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM (GMT+8)
3) Details: During the event times, play the game mode 'Team Survival' + Game Mode- Team Survival.
4) Prize: 1 Winner (get the highest total scores during event period)
: 2 rewards (30 days) + 20000beat
- Consolation prize ( for all player who take part in the event) : 1reward (7 days) + 20000beat

* Rewards will be sent to winners by : May 7, 2015
2. Fanpage event- XXX Lovebeat Clip
1) Event Period: 2015/04/13 (Mon) to 2015/04/30 (Thu),
2) Details: Any player that creates a Love Beat video on Youtube and sends us a link will get a special gift.
3) Prize :The items are Im A Racoon M (30 days) and 10000 beat.

* Rewards will be sent to winners by : May 7, 2015
3. Fanpage event- Love Beat cosplay
1) Event Period: 2015/04/13 (Mon) to 2015/04/30 (Thu),
2) Details : -Dress up your character like a person in real life!(Celebrity, Singer, Etc)
-Player with the higher amount of likes will win and recieve rewards

3) Prize : 50.000 Beat+ 1 set (30 days)+ 1 accessory (30days)
* The winner will be able to choose from one of the sets being sold in the cash shop on april 30th.
* For the accessory, choose one accessory from the list below.
User choice item list (22 items)

* Rewards will be sent to winners by : May 7, 2015